Monday, March 25, 2013

Anthony Lewis  

1927 - 2013


To My Readers


Iva Toguri (aka Tokyo Rose) never lost faith in her country even though her country lost faith in her.  Hers is a captivating story of how momentous events and individual temperament can converge to make a scoundrel and a hero in one and the same person.

Anthony Lewis, who died March 25th at age 85 understood that little people can become big heroes.  In "Gideon's Trumpet" the two time Pulitzer prize winner described how a small time crook, Clarence Gideon, changed the law of the land. Gideon's successful appeal to the Supreme Court insured that any American who could not afford an attorney would have a public defender appointed by the court.  Lewis loved his country. He revered the Constitution, and he wrote passionately about the power of the Supreme Court to transform our lives. Anthony Lewis earned many accolades during his illustrious career but the epitaph that fits him best is - "Patriot".